The wellness Hotel Erica in Val di Fiemme offers special yoga holidays to discover the pleasure of finding our inner balance.

In the new wellness center we created the Balance Room Cembro, a space where you can relax and practice holistic disciplines and yoga sessions in collaboration with teachers and numerous schools who have chosen our structure as the basis for their yoga retreats in the Dolomites.

Val di Fiemme is the ideal location for practicing yoga: thanks to the natural surroundings and infinite possibilities for indoor and outdoor gentle and flowing practices, it is easier to recover your energy and find a pleasant feeling of well being between body and spirit.

This is the reason why the Hotel Erica Freedom in the Alps also pays special attention to nutrition, directly handled by the owner, providing a genuine and vital menu to promote energy balance and meditation.

The practice of yoga promotes stretching of the muscles and oxygenation of the body thanks to special breathing techniques. It is a great exercise to reduce tension: yoga, in fact, increases concentration and awareness of the self, an important factor in interrupting the vicious cycle of stress and recharging new energies and feeling free in perfect harmony between body and soul.

Follow you desire for yoga even on vacation

Namastè, I’m Giulia! I am the ‘small’ of the family and I have recently returned back to my family’s hotel, after many years dedicated to competitive sport.

In 2019 I decided to change my life and, with my backpack, I traveled the world to learn more about what I have been most passionate about for some time: yoga and meditation!

The first stop on my trip was in India, in Rishikesh, the capital of yoga; here I deepened Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, also getting in touch with yogic philosophy and Mantra.

Giulia in Myanmar

Giulia in Myanmar

But I didn’t stop there!

Indeed after India I started to explore almost all of Southeast Asia, where I did not miss the opportunity to exercise the disciplines whenever I had the chance; until, driven by the desire to learn from one of my favorite teachers, I flew overseas, to Hawaii, participating in a retreat with Dashama.

I have experimented with any type of style and, in my lessons, I like to mix all the things I have learned, offering those who share this passion with me a traditional yoga style influenced by a more modern and dynamic practice.

For a few years at the Hotel Erica we have been offering weekly Yoga lessons and from 2019 you will find me!

We will practice in the CEMBRO Balance Room, overlooking the Lagorai chain, weather permitting we will do Yoga in the garden.

The lessons are soft and suitable for everyone.

On request we also organize private lessons.

Lessons are also open to people who are not officially guests of our hotel.