Green Philosophy

We take care of the place where we live!

We love the nature that surrounds us and firmly believe in it’s regenerating power in humans. That is why we believe that it’s important to respect the environment and provide you with an environmentally friendly holiday that has the least possible impact on our surroundings and the environment.

With small gestures we step by step try to preserve the area in which we live. In these years we have invested in reducing the environmental impact of our activities and you vacation. But how?

Thanks to the installation of a Microgenerator for power generation. In this way, we can simultaneously produce hot water and electricity to protect the environment. With this high-tech solution, we save 20 tons of CO2 a year, equivalent to the work of 20 majestic firs.

With the Dryden system we use a water treatment for our swimming pool, which prevents bacteria and parasites from surviving and multiplying. It guarantees crystal clear water without chlorine or other toxic derivates, consuming 80 percent less energy.

We waste a lot less water and don’t release harmful substances that enter the environment through the drains.

We encourage alternative mobility by providing our guests e-bikes. Thereby they can move freely without necessarily having to use the car.

In addition, we have installed a charging station for electric vehicles. In this way, our guests can recharge their vehicle and enjoy the view of the Dolomites without noise and fumes… experience only the joy of driving an electric car.  

We offer treatments with natural products that have no harmful effects on humans and the environment. The products are free of parabens and chemical substances because they are mixed exclusively with fresh and natural products.

To stay in line with the environmental sustainability, you won’t find samples of our products used in the bathrooms, but we offer you rechargeable dispensers with personalized pine shower foam.

We practice waste separation and we invite you to do the same and where possible minimize the environmental impact. This will lead over time to a preservation of our great ecosystem we live in.